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Lockdown lessons learnt.

During 2020 small businesses felt a fair deal of the brunt. SME's learnt that it's important to get "the admin" and the "online presence" setup. This helps to sustain the business and assists staff in ways needed.

  • We can assist with Registration and Administration for your business.
  • We can assist with Bookkeeping and Taxation* for your business.
  • We can assist with an Online Platform for your business.
  • We can assist with registration of your Employees for UIF benefits.

Enjoy benefits of SME support. Get your employees to qualify for UIF benefits. Make it easier to market your brand. Let us make YOUR BUSINESS, OUR BUSINESS by providing you with Dinamic Business Support.

Service and Pricing

Accounting Services


from R649.99per month( fee)

  • Debtor/Creditor recon & statements
  • Capturing of sales invoices
  • Capturing of purchases / journals
  • Capturing of bank statements
  • Recon of bank accounts
  • Paperless Payables
  • Debtor reminders
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from R349.99per month( fee)

  • Capturing details of new employees
  • Capturing of employee terminations
  • Capturing leave days
  • Capturing of company contributions
  • Capturing of fringe benefits
  • Capturing of Gross Salary
  • Sending of Salary slips
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Taxation (TP)

from R349.99

  • Tax No Reg / Verify R399.99 *
  • Tax Clearance Pin R599.99 *
  • VAT Registration R1999.99 *
  • PAYE / UIF / SDL R1599.99 *
  • General Tax Advice/Consult R349.99/hr *
  • General Tax Work R349.99/hr *
  • e-Filing Tax Registration R349.99 *
  • Provisional Tax Reg R299.99 *
  • Personal Tax Registration R700 *
  • Employee Tax Registration R700 *
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Business Administration

Business Registration

from R449.99

  • Company Registration R449.99
  • CIPC Annual Returns R249.99
  • CIPC Name Reservation R249.99
  • BBBEE Certificate R99.99
  • CSD Registration R449.99
  • NPC / NPO Registration R749.99
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Business Plans

from R1999.99

  • +/-25 Pages Business Plan
  • 5-Year Financial Projections
  • Word Template For Future Editing
  • Professional Looking Layout
  • Competitive Edge & USP
  • Professional SWOT Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Timeframe: 1-Week
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Employee Registration

from R549.99

  • Employee Tax Registration R700 *
  • Workman's Compensation R650
  • UIF Registration (DOL) R649.99
  • UIF/PAYE/SDL Reg(SARS) R1600 *
  • UIF Submissions up to 7 - R299.99
  • UIF Submissions up to 12 - R449.99
  • UIF Submissions up to 17 - R589.99
  • UIF Submissions up to 22 - R799.99
  • More than 22 emp, add R99 per 10
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Online Presence

Email Hosting

from R24.99per month

  • Mail Only S Interworx R24.99
  • Mail Only M Interworx R34.99
  • Mail Only L Interworx R49.99
  • Mail Only S cPanel R39.99
  • Mail Only M cPanel R54.99
  • Mail Only L cPanel R65.99
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from R14.99per month

  • *Parked Linux cPanel R29.99
  • *Parked Linux Interworx R14.99
  • R111.99
  • R119.99
  • R249.99
  • R34.99
  • R119.99
  • Transfer .com R249.99
  • *Excludes New Domain Fee
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Wordpress Hosting

from R99.99per month

  • Small R99.99
  • Medium R159.99
  • Large R219.99
  • XLarge R424.99
  • 2XLarge R484.99
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Windows Hosting

from R74.99per month

  • 2 XSmall R74.99
  • XSmall R124.99
  • Small R134.99
  • Medium R174.99
  • Large R234.99
  • XLarge R294.99
  • 2 XLarge R474.99
  • 3 XLarge R574.99
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Linux Hosting

from R44.99per month

  • SA M Interworx R64.99
  • SA M cPanel R84.99
  • SA L Interworx R114.99
  • SA L cPanel R132.99
  • SA XL Interworx R164.99
  • SA XL cPanel R184.99
  • SA 2XL Interworx R324.99
  • SA 2XL cPanel R344.99
  • SA 3XL Interworx R469.99
  • SA 3XL cPanel R484.99
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Cloud Hosting

from R399.99per month

  • Mini - R399.99
  • Mini w Panel - R659.99
  • Regular - R759.99
  • Regular w Panel - R999.99
  • Big - R1159.99
  • Big w Panel - R1399.99
  • Mega - R1759.99
  • Mega w Panel - R1999.99
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What Our Fantastic Clients Say

Ashley Londt (Raw Pressed Juice)

"Last year we purchased a Raw Pressed Juice company and Dinamic Business supported me with countless consultation sessions demonstrating professionalism and great business knowledge on managing financials and businesses processes."

Aneesa vd Fort (Fort A Workshops)

"Getting products made or purchased and then getting it sold, was the extent of my business knowledge. The part of getting the business set up and functioning was where I was failing. This lead me to asking for help from people who understand all the requirements, hence I’ve had the pleasure of working with Eugene (DBS) in setting up my business."

Patricia Denton (G2 Dance Studios)

"Invoicing/credit/ statement process was a good system as the info that was captured would pull through to the relevant statement. It was simple to manage - creating the student and also setting up the fee structure. It really made my life easier at month-end when I had to do invoices and statements. thanks for the assistance."

Tiffany S

"It's a business I would recommend to family and friends. I am satisfied with the service I have received so far. Keep up the good work."

Nova S (True Kroes)

"Excellent service. Very helpful and friendly. I would recommend to any aspiring entrepreneurs who want to achieve their business dreams. They are also cost effective and honest."

Nadine N (VSP)

"Dinamic business support has been brilliant in helping us get our business registered and getting a professional online presence."

GlobalData BusinessSolutions

"Dinamic Business Support was fantastic in helping us sort out and understand our annual returns . Thank you Dinamic Business Support!"

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